HF20A wire antenna

On december 2013 I buyed HF20A wire antenna from 409shop.com http://www.409shop.com/409shop_product.php?id=117466. 53 USD including shipping cost is not much from antenna that promises SWR < 2.0 on entire HF band 1.5 - 30MHz.


Package contents

HF20A package contents


Antenna arrived and I installed it about 4m above ground. Feedpoint, wire and termination resistor and far end grounding.


I measured installation with SARK-110 antenna analyzer. I was suprised. Antenna performed almost what it promised.

HF20A analyzer full hf

I made addditional measurements on different ham bands. Click link to open image

Real life performance

WSPR. Yaesu FT817. 5W power. No antenna tuner.

WSPR result show that antenna is working also on transmitting. Main radiation direction is about 220 degrees which is same direction where wire is aimed.


My new distance record with HF20A antenna + Ultimate3S WSPR kit 100mW
WSPR 0.1W Finland - Uruguay
CX2ABP/SWL reception QSL


This antenna is general purpose wide band antenna that works on listening and also on transmamitting. I think this is worth of it's price. Maybe with better grounding and proper far end terminator resistor positioning numbers could be even better.

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